Potent Leadership

Drop the Mask, Ignite the Real You, and Reclaim the Leader Within




The perfect book to read RIGHT NOW!

The timing of this book couldn't be more perfect for our world. Ruby pours her soul into this book and puts it all on the table.  Leadership is such a hot topic right now, and this book will help you explore and evaluate what authentic leadership really is.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

This is the book our world needs right now. I was in tears within a few minutes. This is an Audible that I'll keep coming back to as there is SO much to takeaway and integrate. HIGHLY recommend!

The refreshing permission slip I needed.

There are many books on leadership, but this one is changing my life. This book is a code to live by–a new standard for authenticity, created with a simplicity we can all digest and embody. Wow... the bar has raised.

"Leadership isn't about what you do, nor is it about what you've accomplished–it's about who you be."

In a very noisy world of influencers and self-serving “leaders,” Ruby offers a refreshing and much-needed take on what it truly means to lead and step into our fullest power and expression. Potent Leadership offers an insightful and confronting “look in the mirror”  for all of us to deepen into our truth, challenge the status quo and call us forward into our highest levels of integrity. This is a must-read for anyone looking to awaken to their fullest potential and start living the life they were meant to live.
Alexi Panos
Master Coach + Author
In a day and age of fake, Potent Leadership is the reality check this world needs. It is a practical guide that invites leaders to stand in their power, own their gifts, and relentlessly lead from their hearts. Through beautiful storytelling and deep empirical research, Ruby takes the reader on a journey to unlock and express their most authentic self. Potent Leadership is the new gold standard for leadership books and is a must-read for anyone looking to become a more impactful and inspiring leader.
Branden Collinsworth
Founder of Warrior Retreats + Nike Global Performance Coach
EVERY coach, entrepreneur, and ambitious human needs to own a copy of this book. Ruby breaks down leadership in an articulate and practical way that doesn’t lose its potency.  Potent Leadership is a well-written handbook on how to be a strong leader and really make an impact. It will encourage you to rethink your messaging and double down on authenticity. And in doing so, you will call in new clients and opportunities. This is for real leaders, wanting to make a real impact.
Aren Bahia
Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, and Founder
In a world full of influencers and imposters, Ruby Fremon stands authentically in her power, gripping a life sized mirror, revealing the depths of what we often choose not to see, so we can truly begin to heal. “Potent Leadership” is the book the social landscape doesn’t want, but desperately needs, and I’m so fucking proud Ruby wrote it. So, remove your false sense of identity, open your heart, and be ready to dive through a portal of benevolent leadership awakening.
Brett Jones
Brett Jones
Chiropractor + Founder of The Source Chiropractic + Founder of Kairos Training Culture
Ruby is a powerhouse leader–a truly authentic leader who understands how to be the space for others and how to be potent in their walk.I have read word-for-word Ruby’s well written masterpiece “Potent Leadership” and I must say, I am finding myself challenging my own inner parameters and standards of what it means to be a true leader.We are in uncertain times and the world needs strength, truth and compassion. Ruby has clearly articulated how to not only understand what this means but how you can embody this too.Pick this book up and challenge yourself to integrate these potent lessons of wisdom from Ruby Fremon.
Joel Brown
Business Expert for Coaches
Sooner or later every human being will come to terms with two very important facts. One, they are here to do far greater things than the external validation provides, and two, it all starts with having a very healthy relationship with who they really are and not what they want the world to approve of. Ruby tackles all of this and more in Potent Leadership giving the reader permission to explore their entire being and lead from their highest truth.
Matt 2
Matt Gottesman
Entrepreneur + Creator of The Niche is You

How would it feel to lead by being who you truly are? To unapologetically speak your truth and stand in your presence without fear of judgment?


In today’s online culture, it’s easy to confuse “influencers” with leaders, and chase the followers, the likes, and the superficial success. But while influencers paint a pretty picture, real leaders pave a path. Leadership isn’t about what you do, nor is it about what you’ve accomplished.
It’s about who you be.

What people really yearn for is someone who cuts through the bullshit and lives and operates authentically. They’re looking for you, stripped of the façades. You, undiluted, leading with your true self — your potency.

Ruby Fremon has helped hundreds of leaders quit the performance, reclaim their power and build brands without sacrificing their integrity. In this book, she helps you uncover your deepest fears so you can:

  • Stop seeking validation and recognize your gift
  • Do the inner work to be a leader and not just look like one
  • Rise up, speak up, and dare to be seen

The greatest movements in history were started by people who refused to follow the crowd—now it’s time for you to build your own movement, your own way, and never look back.





Ruby Fremon is a gifted Spiritual Guide, Trauma-Trained Life Coach, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. She is also a Sacred Medicine Facilitator, NLP practitioner, and speaker who has helped hundreds of leaders gain the courage to quit performing, uncover their potency, and lead their lives with integrity and intimacy.

Ruby, an expert on personal growth and deep inner work, is a passionate advocate for potent leadership, entheogenic medicine, trauma, and inner work. Her dedication to these topics has earned her a place on stages worldwide and made her podcast, Potent Truth, a top-rated platform for transformative conversations.

Ruby, known for her big heart, direct approach, and shamanic gifts, is committed to bridging the gap between practicality and spirituality. Her work offers conscious leaders and facilitators a unique opportunity for inner expansion and optimized trauma healing. Whether in ceremonial settings, one-on-one, or group settings at her live retreats or intimate group offerings, Ruby's service is a testament to her unwavering integrity and dedication to her clients' well-being.

Ruby sees herself as an advocate for humanity. She uses her online presence to encourage her community to question the narrative and cultivate true sovereignty of mind, body, and spirit. She lives with her husband and their dogs in Austin, Texas.


The veils of illusion are now lifting and now more than ever, the world needs Potent Leaders–the world needs YOU.

Ruby Fremon’s debut book will take you on a journey to reclaim your potency so you can drop the performance and be the leader you truly want to be, by embracing who you be.