In a world that wants you to forget your truth, I’m here to help you remember who you are.

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It's time for you to own your potency. Learn the 8 Guiding Principles to stop performing and start leading with your truth so you can rise as a potent leader. This training includes 9 mini-audio trainings and guided integration worksheets. 

1:1 Offerings

For leaders seeking to delve deeper into their inner work

Within the safety of our container, you will face all that makes you who you are today so you can acknowledge the untruths you’ve been living, heal the trauma that has held you back, and reclaim your potency. 

Kambo Ceremonies


Optimize your body, mind, and spirit with Kambo’s potent healing peptides. This is a trauma-informed ceremonial space where your safety is the priority. The Kambo is ethically sourced and is served with reverence to its indigenous roots. 

Working with Ruby is an opportunity to witness your own metamorphosis with a nurturing guide who will challenge you to become who you’ve always known you can be. I felt very seen and considered and appreciated the space she held, the knowledge she embodies, and the questions she posed as she elevated the conversation and challenged me.
Dominique Farnan
CEO & Chief Conscious Connector
Working with Ruby was such an incredibly powerful and transformative experience. With her guidance, I was able to raise my standard of integrity, more authentically express myself and align things in my life with my deepest purpose. Ruby truly saw me and created a powerful container for me to shed what no longer served me and embody my core truth.
Jose Alejandro Rodriguez
Men's Life Coach & Leadership Guide
Ruby Fremon

Hi, I'm Ruby Fremon

If you’re seeking a seasoned and compassionate Coach, Mentor, and Spiritual Guide to support you in creating a deeply meaningful life, and you’re not afraid of hearing the uncomfortable truths, I’m here.

You’re purpose-driven and you know you’re here to serve in meaningful ways, but you’re showing up as a diluted version of yourself. You find yourself holding back and often obsess over how you’re being seen. Your commitment to your personal growth is obvious, yet your wounds and trauma continue to resurface which prevents you from fully stepping into your Dharma. You feel spiritually disconnected and weighed down by all that life demands of you, which makes it difficult for you to have faith and experience joy in your life and leadership.

You are living out of alignment with God, your truth, and your Dharma. That’s why I’m here.

I want you to have a life where you feel free in every way. I want you to embrace all parts of yourself–the dark, the light, and the shadowy spaces in between. I want you to lead your Dharma with absolute clarity and conviction. I want you to build your life and legacy in full alignment with your truth. I want you to be successful on your own terms. I want you to feel the breadth of support that comes through God’s love. I want you to experience the joy that comes through true spiritual liberation. I want you to stop diluting who you are and start owning your potency.



In today’s online culture, it’s easy to confuse “influencers” with leaders, and chase the followers, the likes, and the superficial success. But while influencers paint a pretty picture, real leaders pave a path. Leadership isn’t about what you do, nor is it about what you’ve accomplished.

It’s about who you be.